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The 2013/2014 contest was a success, but due to lack of interest, this contest is on hold until further notice.

Here are the WINNERS!

*Judges of this contest donate their time and efforts, and are not compensated in any way. This contest is a non-profit event that pays back OVER 100% of the submission fees. Cash prizes are based upon number of entrants.

General Rules
1. The Great Lakes Shipwreck Photo Contest is open to entrants of all skill levels.

Judges are not allowed to enter the contest.

3. Each contestant can only win once in per category. There is no limit to how many categories you can enter.

4. Limit of 10 submissions per entrant maximum.

5. Winners will be announced on this web site first, date to be determined.

6. All decisions will be final. The judges reserve the right to change rules without notice.

Additional Rules for Image Entries
1. All submitted images must have been taken by the entrant.

2. Images that have won or placed in photo contests with winning entries announced before February 28th, 2014, may not be submitted. A winning image is defined as follows: any image that has placed 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in any contest that has resulted in prizes worth $25 USD or more. Any image that has placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in a major photography contest (to be determined subjectively by judges). Any image that has placed 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in any photo of the year-type contest. Photos of the day, week, or month are fine, as long as they have not resulted in prizes worth $25 USD or more.

3. Any single image that was part of a portfolio, but did not place as a single image, is eligible to be entered.

4. Photographers retain all copyrights to their images. Milwaukee Dive Apparel, and Cal Kothrade retain the right to publish the contest entries in print or online to congratulate or feature the winners and their respective images, and to promote future events. Winning images may be included in a press release for third party websites and publications in the context of congratulating and/or featuring the winners and winning images, and to promote future competitions. Photo credit will be given to the respective owners.

5. All images need to have been taken underwater.

6. Entries may have been taken from any camera, film (as scanned slides) or digital.

7. All images need to have been taken by the person submitting them.

8. All images need to have been taken in the waters of one of the five great Lakes, or their attached bays or rivers.

9. All entries must be received by Midnight, February 28th, 2014. Email timestamps will suffice for "received by".


First Annual Great Lakes Shipwreck Photo Contest

Meet the Judges:

Becky Kagan Schott
John Janzen
Vlada Dekina
Warren Lo
Jitka Hanakova
Cal Kothrade

All the judges are accredited shipwreck photographers who know what it takes to image large subjects in cold, dark water, in less than optimal visibility. They've all put on drysuits, deco and stage bottles, and gone into the gloom in 38F water to capture images of some of the Great Lakes' most elusive prizes.

That's the whole reason behind this contest...Great Lakes shipwreck photos judged by people who understand what it takes to get the shot.

"Reefs? We don't need no stinkin' reefs." ©




Point and Shoot any depth - traditional
SLR 130' depth or shallower - traditional
SLR 131' depth or deeper - traditional
Unrestricted (multi image mosaics or photoshopped images)

- For purposes of this contest, SLR shall refer to ANY camera that has the capability to change lenses. This category includes mirrorless cameras with removable lenses. This does not include point and shoot cameras that accept the addition of an external lens such as a wide angle attachment.

Traditional - The following processes are acceptable: cropping, brightness/contrast adjustments, vibrance/saturation/hue adjustments, sharpness adjustments, exposure, white balance, vibrancy adjustments. Also allowed are auto lens corrections tools, devignetting tools as found in programs such as Light Room and Aperture. New for 2014 contest, cloning/healing, for removing backscatter is acceptable.

Not allowed on traditional photos: burning/dodging, cut/pasting, layering or masking, watermarking, copyright marks. Any other PhotoShop like actions. Any photo created using any of these actions is ineligible for the Traditional category, and must be entered in the Unrestricted category.

You may be asked to provide the RAW or original image prior to post production processing at the discretion of the judges.

Unrestricted - Anything goes, but...we are looking for images that appear somewhat plausible/realistic, as well as images that are clearly multi-image mosaics. If someone enters a mosaic, they must be the photographer of the stills or video that provided the parts/screencaps for the final image. The more changes to a non mosaic image there are, the better your photoshopping skills need to be! Some of the judges earn a living using tools such as Photoshop, and are not easily fooled or impressed.

Depth - The depth of the wreck is considered to be the depth in feet freshwater to the bottom, as generally or widely published. If there is some question as to whether the wreck is considered to be at recreational or technical depth, the judges reserve the right to place the submission in the category they deem appropriate. All judges decisions regarding classification of a submission are final.

Entries must be saved in jpeg format and should be sized to be between 2000 and 4000 pixels in the longest dimension. Please limit your images to a maximum file size of 1,000KB (1.0MB). Images will be viewed on a large monitor and should be in the AdobeRGB 1998 or sRGB color space.

There will be a First Place, Runner Up, and Honorable Mention in each of the four categories. Additionally, the judges will pick a Best of Show image. Cash awards will be based on number of entries received, and are subject to change at the discretion of Milwaukee Dive Apparel.


Submit your photos now for the 2014 Great Lakes Shipwreck Photo Contest!