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We regret to announce the 2014 Milwaukee Amateur Underwater Film Festival will not be held due to lack of submissions. We hope to bring this fine event back to the Milwaukee area in 2015 should interest increase.

There is no cost to enter. You may submit up to 3 films for review. You must purchase a ticket to the festival if you plan to attend. We prefer you attend if you are submitting a film.

Films may not be longer than 10 minutes total run time. Films must be about diving, shipwrecks, underwater flora, fauna, or having to do with the aquatic environment. Both fresh and salt water will be accepted. Films depicting the harrassment or mistreatment of sea life will be immediately dismissed. Milwaukee Dive Apparel reservse the right to dismiss/disqualify any film it feesl is inappropriate. Films may not contain copyright infringed material, including music, photos, video, etc. If you don't have the copyright or required permissions, the film will be dismissed. Past winners/entrants are invited to submit. Individuals who have, or are currently working in the film or video production industry are not eligible to submit. Audience choice will determine winning filmes. Submissions will be returned upon request.

Submission does not gauranty that your film will be chosen to be featured at the festival. Films will be chosen based on overall production quality relative to other submissions.

Submissions must be received by March 15th, 2014.

The Third annual Milwaukee Amateur Underwater Film Festival will be held
in early April of 2014. Check back here for more details as they become available.

Mail submissions to:
Film Festival C/O
Cal Kothrade
14330 Beechwood Trail
New Berlin, WI 53151


The 2nd Annual Milwaukee Amateur Underwater Film Festival was a great success!

Congratulations to all six entrants on their films, jobs well done!
The audience voted, and here are the results:

First Place-Jitka Hanakova/Dave Sutton-"Typo"
Second Place-Heiko Zuerker-"Roatan In Three Minutes"
Third Place-Brad Johnson-"The Northerner"
Fourth Place-Steve Wimer II-"Diving The Minneapolis"
Fifth Place-John Janzen-"The Norman"
Sixth Place-Jim Bach-"Diving Porcupine Bay And The Fleetwing"

Milwaukee Dive Apparel would like to thank our sponsors:
Aquatic Adventures Inc.
Len-Der Charters
Windy City Diving
Shipwreck Adventures
Nass-T-Habit Adventure Team
Wisconsin Marine Historical Society

Thank you to everybody for coming out and packing the house, helping to make this year's event even bigger than the previous one, you were a great audience!

Start thinking about, and shooting for next year's event!


Submission formats:
Please submit each film in DVD format, one per disk, and on a thumb drive.
Include a short bio/description of yourself, and how and why you made your film. Feel free to include information such as types of cameras / lenses you use, and post-production software.

We would like your submission to be in two formats, a DVD disk that plays in a DVD player, and as a .mov file or .avi file on a flash drive or disk. Flash drives and disks will be returned to you at the festival. This will help in the event of a technical problem the night of the festival.


Friendly suggestions about content:
We are looking for submissions that have been post-productioned, that is, a film that has been edited for some or all of the following: title sequence, end credits, sound track, narration, sub-titles, color correction, etc. Tell a story with your film. Please do not send raw footage directly off your camera. If you still have questions, email or call Cal!


© 2013 by Milwaukee Dive Apparel.

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