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"Wreck Diver to the Bone" -This design is new in 2016, and is a limited edition 'art shirt'. A twelve color silk screen process for the back image alone, makes this shirt incredibly expensive to produce, so once they're gone, there aint' no more! Everything that's cool about wreck diving in the Great Lakes or the Oceans of the world, is represented in this original artwork by award winning artist Cal Kothrade. A skull with fangs guards gold and silver treasure next to a bent and rusted ship's bulkhead, complete with broken glass in the porthole, and a ghostly pirate looking through it. Divers descend from the sunlit surface in search of the treasure, as a beautiful mermaid lurks nearby while holding a strangely empty diving helmet. "Wreck Diver to the Bone" on old parchment paper at the top of the image pretty much says it all. This shirt is the first to carry Cal's signature on it, at the bottom right of the back art, a testament to his pride in this particular artwork. The MDA logo is on the left sleeve as usual, and the front left chest sports a skull with an old school dive knife still clenched in it's teeth, and a dive mask still strapped to it's face.

Do not miss out on this limited edition art shirt, quantities are VERY limited.

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These are Milwaukee Dive Apparel exclusive shirts, and can't be found anywhere else. Some are regionally specific, some are for a particular wreck. If you have an idea for a new design for your region of the Great Lakes, contact Cal to discuss commissioning a new design!


Milwaukee Dive Apparel is your source for unique wreck diving designs you won't find anywhere else, on top name apparel that will last for years. Shirts, hats, stickers, and maritime art.

"Carferry Milwaukee"- This shirt pays tribute to one of the best wreck dives on Lake Michigan, the rail car ferry 'Milwaukee'. Lost in a vicious storm on October 22, 1929, she took the lives of all 52 aboard, and remained a mystery until Kent Bellrichard found her several decades later lying 3 miles off the shores of Fox Point, WI. The wreck is popular with advanced and tec divers due to the depth, 120. The back of this shirt depicts the wreck on the bottom with pilot house, the vessel on the surface in better times, and the captain, Robert 'Heavy Weather' McKay. The front of the shirt has an old fashioned postcard image of the Milwaukee. MDA logo is on the left sleeve.

This is a limited edition shirt, when they're gone, they're gone. Get yours now!

"Perfect Man"- This shirt uses some pretty cool artwork by an old painter named Leonardo da Vinci. His Vitruvian Man sketch is made perfect by the addition of some technical dive gear, all done up in blueprint blue! MDA logo (diver in globe) is on left sleeve, and a line drawing of twin tanks and manifold is on the left front chest that reads 'Technical divers have the most toys.'

"Great Lakes Wreck Diver"- This design works no matter which of Great Lakes you dive! The copy on the bottom forms the deck and keel of a wooden lake schooner. The 'keel' reads: "Preserving our submerged history." Wear this one and everyone will know what kind of dive skills you have.

"Wreck Divers of Wisconsin" - Even if you don't live in WI, you probably have dove one of it's incredilbe Lake Michigan wrecks...let others know you make the effort to seek out new and exciting wrecks away from your home waters, or have some state pride!


"Prins Willem V Wreck" - Incredible artwork by yours truly on the back of this shirt depicts Milwaukee's premier wreck as it is today. Willie may be the most dived wreck in the Great Lakes, thousands of dives are made on her every year, and she does not disappoint. Posters of this artwork are also available on this website under "Artwork".

"Reefs? We don't need no stinkin' reefs! Dive Milwaukee" - The shirt that started it all for MDA. When you have as many quality wrecks of different types and depths as the Milwaukee area has, who needs reefs and pretty fish? The shirt lists the most popular wrecks with their depth, GPS, and date lost, as well as their positions to one another and the shoreline.

"Reefs? We don't need no stinkin' reefs! Dive the Windy City" - Like any respectable port city, Chicago has quality wrecks of it's own that make it a wreck diving destination. The shirt lists the most popular wrecks with their depth, GPS, and date lost, as well as their positions to one another and the shoreline.

"Wreck of the Northerner"- A line drawing of the bow of the Northerner with divers is complimented by an outline of the Lakes and the Northerner's final resting place marked by a star. Front of the shirt sports a side profile of the wreck with the words "I dove the Northerner"





"What if the Mayans Are Right? Dive Like There's No Tomorrow" - This shirt asked a great question prior to December 21st, 2012...but now we know the answer. You can still dive like there's no tomorrow, and this giant Mayan calendar in the jungle with two skeletons in dive gear at it's base still looks good today.

Sale, half off. Get this shirt for $10!


You can contact Cal via email at cal@milwaukeediveapparel.com
Phone Cal@ 414-881-4051

To view Cal's many underwater videos and pictures visit his photography and artwork site here: www.calsworld.net  and click on the "Diving" link.



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